Because it has been starving and thirsty for a long time, the stray dog is only skin and bones and unable to walk.

When brought to a cat and dog rescue facility in Granada, Spain, the dog, Barilla, had only a few functional internal organs. Skin and bone defined her. Her muscles are quite frail, she can no longer move, and she is only paralyzed in one area.

The personnel at the center feared that Barilla, who weighed only 7.2kg, wouldn’t make it through the severe illness. Being late by only one night wouldn’t save a life, either.

Barilla couldn’t stand on her own, so the nurses provided her a support to help her gain muscles. Additionally, the researchers watered it continually for six hours before they dared to offer it anything more nutritional.

Barilla has cuts on each of her four legs as a result of her ground-crawling.

Barilla was finally allowed to stand up and take a sip after six hours of water supply, but not for very long.

Barilla has gained 4 kg after a week of care and therapy, but she is still unable to walk or stand for extended periods of time without periodically collapsing to the floor. Barilla didn’t begin eating consistently for another six weeks, but she was still capable of gallop and jump like any other healthy dog.

Barilla focused solely on the staff members.

Barilla and Eduardo Rodriguez, the 37-year-old owner of the shelter, fell in love right away, and Eduardo chose to adopt Barilla. Outside of Granada, Barilla currently dwells at his Rodriguez home on the island with his wife, daughter, 14, and five other canines.

Barilla now has a house after spending several months living on the streets.

Anh Rodriguez claimed that before losing one of his dogs in an accident five years before, he had never acquired a dog. He gave the following justification for his choice: “Her determination to survive was extraordinary, and I felt a connection to her the first time I met her.”

Right away, Anh Rodriguez and Barilla showed a strong desire and determination.
The remarkable progress Barilla has made since being rescued on the fourth day includes eating five to six meals per day and gaining one kilogram each day. Barilla has now put on 20.8 kg and is almost back to normal.

Barilla was discovered by the neighbors, who then reported her to the police and the rescue institution. Barilla was only 10 months old when she was saved. Police are currently looking into who put the unfortunate dog in this predicament.

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