One heck of a miracle is born after a dog hit by a car during labor.

This world needs a miracle to bring in new life. especially when the pregnant woman’s chances are stacked against her.
This stray tiny dog is a real-life illustration of how difficult raising children can be. Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue shared his heartfelt story.

A swift car struck the helpless Chihuahua in the middle of the road. Her left hind limb was permanently injured. She was due with a kid at the time of the collision. Then her period started…

The mother went into panic because the wounded, little dog was too big to give birth naturally. She was thankfully moved to the Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue sanctuary for animals.

The hapless Chihuahua was struck by a quick car in the middle of the street. Her left hind limb suffered irreversible damage. At the time of the collision, she was due with a child. Her period then began.

Because the injured, young puppy was too large to give birth naturally, the mother became anxious. She was thankfully relocated to the animal refuge Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue.

She was beaten, gave birth to an enormous puppy, underwent a C-section, lived in squalor, and was startled to have her leg amputated. This young chihuahua developed into a true fighter.

Xena has now, more than four months later, found her everlasting home! She’s had a fantastic voyage and shown herself to be a formidable rival. The very best of luck to this incredible fighting dog and her new home.

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