Desperate Puppie Seeking Home Sits In A Shelter Smiling At Everyone Passing By

Three little Lab pups were in a cage when Courtney Wingate visited the local animal control facility. The Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana’s director, Wingate, knew she couldn’t leave the precious puppies behind, especially when one of them gave her the most beautiful grin she had ever seen.
Upon being contacted by Wingate, volunteer Sarrah Walton hurried over to save the eight-week-old pups. As a tribute to the school’s quarterback and coach, Joe, Burreaux, and O, Walton named the puppies.

The clinic’s parvo tests on the pups came back negative, but Burreaux, the dog with the charming smile, became ill after he arrived at the scene of the rescue. Back at the veterinary facility, where they hurried him, he amazingly made a full recovery.
When someone talked to Burreaux in a loud voice and told him he was a wonderful kid, Walton saw that Burreaux would quickly flash his little teeth in a wide grin.

“It occurs when you are really kind to him… He has this smile that seems as though he wants something, Walton said to The Dodo. It appears as though he is pleading, “Come love me, come pet me.”
The rescue shared a video displaying Joe’s aptitude for fetch when the puppies were ready to begin seeking for permanent homes. Joe was accepted without delay.

They also like to play, according to Walton, who spoke about the entire litter. Both Burreaux and his sister have started practicing fetch.

Walton and Wingate began thinking about a unique ability Burreaux may demonstrate in a Facebook video. His sibling was better at fetching, but he preferred “sweet talk.”
Walton said, “We came to the conclusion that Burreaux was attempting to be charming by continually smiling. “So, we made that video, and it’s now going viral,”

In just a few days, the video showing Burreaux’s wide grin had been viewed by more than 40,000 people. Burreaux and his sister O are still looking for their forever home despite their sudden online fame.

When Wingate and Walton rescued the puppies from the death shelter, they immediately knew they had found gold. Burreaux and his sister, on the other hand, are hope to soon be able to laugh about something more enduring—a house and a loving family.

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