Owner brought her for execution but her purple fur hides a troubling backstory.

Violet was a small puppy with purple fur and several bite wounds. Dr. Karri, the knowledgeable veterinarian at the “Vet Ranch” animal hospital, was the one who first discovered Violet. A larger dog allegedly attacked Violet when she was put in for death, according to Violet’s owner.

It is said that many bait dogs are purple before they are used to train battle dogs. The owner of Violet believes that Violet’s purple fur was brought on by a purple wound spray applied to her shortly after she was mauled. But due to medical negligence, Violet’s wounds went unattended for a number of weeks, putting her life in danger.

Dr. Karri explains Violet’s rigorous medical care in this instructional video. The doctor uses potent painkillers and medications to treat Violet’s numerous infections and abscesses, which makes the healing process difficult. After being carefully watched for 12 days, Violet has finally successfully passed the septic stage!

Violet’s early melancholy and hopeless attitude makes the dog’s joyful gallop at the end all the more delightful. When in Dr. Karri’s arms, she struggles to contain her grins of gratitude!

As soon as Violet was in perfect health, she was adopted. She lives with her new mother Kelly and a Jack Russell dog named Peanut who is the same size as her. I’m thankful that you made Violet’s life more bearable,  Dr, Karri.

The video down below shows Dr. Karri using her incredible healing skills on Violet.


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