Little dog is worn out from being a toy for the village kids.

The dog lived a very difficult life because the children used it as a toy. The dog sleeps anywhere and anytime because it is exhausted.


The dog can’t even walk because it leans wherever it can. An animal rescue organization received a call about this hopeless dog.

Many bad things have happened to a sick dog. The dog has recently lost hair. The dog lived a very bad and difficult life.

The veterinarian received the dog. Here, the dog has been put to the proper test. Here, the dog is given care and attention.

Now that it is well fed, the exhausted dog has transformed into a cute and active dog. Love and tenderness are all around her. Mila is the name of the dog.

We hope that the dog will soon have a permanent home and are currently waiting for him to be adopted by a lovely family.

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