After being rescued from the streets, a stray puppy cannot stop grinning, and the video goes viral.

In a trending video, a cute puppy was saved from the streets as she smiled and waved her tail. Layla the dog was discovered wandering the streets by herself for a number of days before being found and saved by Beaumont Animal Care.

Animal Care personnel went to the dog’s kennel and started a conversation with her there. When she spoke with a baby-like voice, the dog laughed so hard that she even smiled.

Most likely, the small dog had never before interacted with or received attention from humans. Layla smiled and waggled her little tail in thanks for Rachel’s good manners.

Fortunately, she was able to record the heartwarming scene on camera, and it quickly went viral.
After the video was posted, they reportedly received lots of requests for Layla’s adoption; eventually, a local couple was picked to be Layla’s new parents.

Layla quickly adapted to her new surroundings and got along with the other dogs after being brought home by her new family.


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