After being abandoned in the desert, a mother dog and her six puppies are rescued.

Mother Dog and Her Six Puppies Are Saved After Being Left in the Desert.

A mother dog and her six puppies called Hope For Paws, an animal rescue in California, asking for assistance.

Apparently, the dog was abandoned while pregnant in the desert, where she gave birth to six puppies. Fortunately, she found safety at a nursery for plants. She was given food and water by her generous owners, who also requested assistance from the rescue.

The dogs were rescued by Hope For Paws owner Eldad, who traveled 3 hours to the desert. He made the decision to name the mother dog Moon as soon as he turned onto the nursery’s road, Desert Moon Drive.

The adorable and amiable dog approached her rescuer with her tail wagging. Moon ran towards me as if anticipating my arrival when she heard my voice, laid down, and rolled over. Eldad remembered, “It was such a wonderful moment.

She didn’t object when he picked up her puppies because she understood that he was there to help.

Eldad called Moon “special” several times and expressed his surprise at how loving and trusting she was.

All the dogs were loaded into the car for the trip back to Los Angeles after making sure the puppies were fed and giving Moon a cheeseburger.

Moon and her six puppies—Andromeda, Nebula, Supernova, Comet, Lynx, and Crypto—were all given medical checks by a veterinarian before being confined to a kennel for the night.

Due to a condition known as entropion, Moon, who is about three years old, has been diagnosed with eye infections in both of her eyes. Her corneas become irritated, and the condition causes her eyelids to roll inward. She will undoubtedly undergo surgery to correct the condition on both of her eyes when her pups are weaned.

The puppies are still all healthy and are believed to be six-week-old German shepherd/mixes. There are only one male, Crypto, and five females.

The next morning, before leaving for LA Animal Rescue, each dog received a warm bubble bath. They are currently being cared for in a foster home, but their permanent homes will soon be available.

Applications are being accepted for Mother Moon, who is described by the rescue as “extremely eager to please and also very gentle,” as well as for all of her adorable puppies.

Eldad thanked all of the supporters of Hope For Paws who make operations like this one possible. “To all of our supporters: We sincerely love you and appreciate all of your support.”

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