The Last Goodbye To The Puppy Who Worked Alone In A Sweet Potato Shop, Serving Customers

Many people around the world experience difficulty when a loved one passes away, especially those who are closest to them. Similar circumstances apply to the dog’s owner, whose furry friend has gone over the rainbow bridge.

This is a tale of a Shiba Inu dog who, as of 2019, has gained notoriety on social media for his devotion to and assistance with his owner through maintaining the owner’s place of business. Since the opening of the sweet potato stall, Inu No Yakiimoyasan, a stall located in Sapporo, Japan, and directly guarded by the small animal, this Shiba Inu has gained notoriety. Ken-kun was the only person in charge of the company, which makes it amazing. Prior to his, he had no issues with his parents leaving him in front of the sales for extended periods of time alone.

Ken-kun has very comfortable working surroundings. A space heater is located inside Ken-kun’s stand for chilly nights, and a fan is located right outside for hot summer days. The owner of Ken-kun visits him occasionally and walks him after his shift is over. Additionally, whenever customers approach, Ken-kun seems happy and eager to assist. He frequently jumps up to put his paws on his stand and is prepared to take orders or receive pats if he hears voices.

Even though it seems absurd given that dogs can’t count, it turns out that Ken-Kun has a high level of honesty. Honor is this name’s badge, and the success of the Inu no Yakiimoyasan was a reflection of that. Due to the peculiarity of the office, the kiosk rose to prominence in Japan. The puppy was undoubtedly a great draw for the business as many customers came in just to play with it. While Ken-kun cheerfully welcomes his customers, he also keeps a close eye on them and ensures that they pay their bills.

Sadly, this furry man has ss despite years of faithful service to his owners. The owner’s Instagram account shared the news on June 6. “Ken-kun left today, June 6, at 12:50 p.m.,” the post stated. All of you gave us a lot of encouragement, and I’m sure Ken-kun was overjoyed. He was able to visit his preferred shop before leaving, which makes me feel at ease. I appreciate you all so much. Ken-kun has been hospitalized at the veterinary clinic since May 31 due to illness for which the cause is unknown.


His owners reported that he had returned home the day before his x, but with an x. The puppy, who apparently naturally, has yet to have a clear explanation for what transpired. Images of the heartfelt farewell they gave the cherished pet were also posted on social media. This honorable little creature will “s” in a vibrant bed of roses. The dog who had put in years of work was immediately retired.


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