This Rescue Dog Was Born With The Cutest Handlebar Mustache

Several weeks ago, a Shepherd mix was sent to Dallas Animal Services by the Hearts & Bones Rescue group. The dog just gave birth to 11 gorgeous puppies, and with just one glance, everyone could see that one of them was unique. All dogs have facial hair from birth; some even have noticeable beards; but one particular youngster had something special: a handlebar mustache.

On July 10, Salvador Dolly, a five-week-old puppy, was rescued from the streets and has since gained followers for its attractive lip marks. The mix puppy has a white body with black ears and a tail spot, but what makes her stand out the most is a comical “moustache”-shaped marking on her top lip. She is presently in a foster home in Dallas with her mother, 10 siblings, and other dogs.

The little family was cared for by shelter personnel for two weeks, but they realized the arrangement wasn’t sustainable for the family because up to 100 animals may enter the facility every day. “Puppies are at very high risk of getting sick in the shelter environment, so we knew we had to get them out,” said Allison Seelig of Hearts & Bones Rescue. We were fortunate to locate an amazing foster home in Dallas who took the entire family in when we went to visit them last week.

Many people were shocked to see Salvador Dolly, popularly known as “Mustache Puppy,” when Rss first saw her. “Is that real?” is typically the first question people ask, according to Seelig. ‘Omg stop it!’ and squeals are frequently heard around her. Since her siblings are all so adorable, we all gushed over the entire family when we first met them.

Salvador Dolly, who is just 5 weeks old, might seem too young to have a thick hipster mustache, but she isn’t embarrassed by her furry top lip. The entire family is content to live in a secure environment and receive the treatment and attention they require. Whether or whether they have mustaches, their loving foster ensures that each puppy is watched for and that Mama is kept content. The fact that the puppies are still so young makes it difficult for the mother to manage them, but her foster family makes sure to give her breaks so she can relax. Additionally, she is consuming a lot of food to maintain her calorie intake.

While Mama puts forth a lot of effort, her puppies do the reverse. The puppies aren’t walking much yet, and they spend their days alternately squirming in a cuddling pile, eating, and crawling all over one another. A quiet life. The entire family will go to New York City in late August once the puppies have been weaned. They will enter fresh foster homes there as they look for permanent families.

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