When her lost dog is finally found, a young girl breaks down in uncontrollable joy.

Max, the family dog, was gone for more than two months before he came home.

After he disappeared in San Antonio, Texas, in May, his family feared they would never be able to locate him again. that is, up until the replacement

A stray dog was spotted in a nearby neighborhood, and Perez of the Bexar Regional Sheriff’s Office received a complaint about it. Perez remembered seeing a lost dog flyer at the place, hoping to find Max. Perez arrived at the spot where the dog had been discovered.
Yes, Max kept working at Limelight Media. He got in touch with the family as soon as he could to confirm that the animal belonged to them, and they were given permission to leave.


Max’s family was eager to welcome him home, but no one knows how he managed to survive there on his own. When he saw his two human siblings, one of them broke down in tears and lavished Max with hugs.
Little Max has a safe home once more thanks to Perez and the kind people there. the kind neighbor who called to say they had seen him around.

Since dogs are frequently kept as household pets, their absence is upsetting. After the sheriff’s office shared a Facebook post about Max’s heartfelt reunion with his family, the story received a lot of attention.
More than 1,500 times have shared decisions been made.

A reviewer said, “Male, to see these tiny ladies’ expressions is indescribable.” ” These little creatures have a big impact on our feelings. Officer Perez, I appreciate it.

as a means of reuniting their children with their parents. My greatest admiration is for you. Many people have been affected by the story online. The young girls were clearly excited to see their friend.


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