To prevent a snake bite on the mother the puppy leaps in front of her.

Paula Godwin took her children for a stroll on a paved Arizona path early in the morning, and the only danger she let them encounter was

She was struggling with the scorching desert heat.

Todd, her young dog, had other ideas.

Godwin was about to walk on a rattlesnake when the golden retriever leaped in front of her.

She said, “My idol of a puppy dog Todd saved me,” on a Facebook post on Friday that featured the bite marks left by her dog Todd after he suffered a facial injury.

He immediately sprang in front of my leg, where I undoubtedly would have been bitten, she said.”This is how an idol appears; would you kindly offer a brief prayer for my sweet idol?”

Just a few hours earlier, Godwin had posted a Facebook Live video of herself beginning her morning trek.

Nothing wanted to accompany me since it was too early, she exclaimed.

More than 940 people engaged in Godwin’s post on her rattlesnake run, and it received more than a thousand comments.

She later said on Facebook, “Todd’s doing so great he’s a miracle to me how he’s recuperating.Just wanted to say thanks for all the help. Your generosity and assistance are certainly a blessing.

She just shared a photo of herself and her dog to give followers an update.

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