Three Orphaned Kittens Dumped At A Shelter Adopted By Shelter Dog

You must see the unique way this sweet dog treats her adopted children despite the fact that she is a new mother to a litter of puppies and kittens!

When Mary, a Beagle mix, arrived at the Animal Shelter of Pickens County in Jasper, Georgia, she was expecting. She had just given birth to her litter of puppies when she volunteered to assist the shelter in taking care of three kittens that had been abandoned at their door.

Mary wouldn’t let the abandoned kittens leave her sight as soon as she met them. She keeps them from going too far off course.

She cherishes the kittens. She had a heart attack after I took two of them away, poor thing, said JudyMoody of the animal shelter. “I brought them back, and she was so happy.”

Even when Judy was feeding milk to the kitten kitten, she pulled one out of her hands.

The care those kittens need to develop into healthy, strong adults is evident! Take a look at the video of Mary tending to her adopted children! She really cares about them!

The kittens receive the warmth they require at the beginning of their lives, as Judy points out, as well as the company of the litter and a mother.

The Animal Shelter of Pickens County will soon have Mary’s kittens available for adoption, and Mary and her puppies will no doubt soon be looking for their forever homes as well.

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