Homeless Pittie Greets Everyone In The Hope Of Being Adopted

Donnie was left lost in a New York courtyard and wandered aimlessly for two days. The sweet puppy knew he had a point to make when he was finally saved and taken to the Animal Care Center (ACC) in Brooklyn. Donnie needed everyone to know that, despite what his 62-pound frame might lead some to believe, he is simply a big mushball.

Some of our largest dogs are also some of our largest, muscliest newborns. ACC volunteer Manisha Shah spoke with The Dodo. The fact that they are unaware of their own size or the fact that the majority of people are probably afraid of them is so cute and silly.

Donnie initially felt a little uneasy being in a strange environment. He eventually warmed up though. He quickly began grinning at everyone who passed by.

When he first entered, “he was a little on the fear and nervous side, which is totally understandable,” said Shah. But having a dog that trusts you like Donny is extra special.
Shah created a video about Donnie to promote adoption through Boroughbred in Brooklyn, an Instagram account that supports dogs at Brooklyn ACC.

The caption of the photo reads, “When I started petting this big mush-ball, he softly stood up and leaned in while thanking me with lots of kisses.”

Despite being friendly, loving pets, pitbulls like Donnie frequently struggle to find homes. TIME reports that dogs with the label “pitbull” frequently wait three times as long as dogs of other breeds to find homes.

Donnie is currently adjusting to life in a home while residing with a foster mother. Soon enough, this gentle giant will discover his long-sought-after family, a family that adores him in all 62 pounds of him.


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