Dog Directs Rss to a Box Containing S Kittens, Later Becoming Their Adorable Foster Father

Adopted dog Aragon spotted a box of kittens while being taken for a walk by a mountain near Athens. Aragon has been a wonderful foster father to them since his mother took them into her home to raise until they are old enough to find families of their own. Litters of kittens are now frequently dumped in their neighborhood and other parts of G.

The poor kittens are defenseless against predators and do not stay in the boxes for very long, which is why they are frequently empty.

Aragon’s mother decided to create a video to highlight how many animals have been “ss” up on the mountain because she volunteers at the animal charity. They claimed: “[Aragon’s mother] finds empty cardboard boxes on the mountain almost every day, occasionally with the blankets and the toys still inside, but no animals.” So, one day, while out for a walk with Aragon, Aragon’s mother decided to capture some footage for her upcoming video.

Aragon and his mother only expected to capture a few images of the numerous boxes that are constantly strewn throughout the area, as animals typically capture the kittens in a matter of hours.

But then, a remarkable thing occurred. When Aragon started dragging his mother toward a box, they discovered a whole litter of kittens inside. They survived against all odds long enough to be found and saved. Aragon assumed foster father duties as soon as they brought the litter home. He had “s” the adorable infants and was now going to see to it that they had everything they required.


Nobody was as devoted to the well-being of the tiny kittens as Aragon, despite the fact that the good people of SCARS took care of all of their needs and had the kittens examined by a vet. There was no question that they were his children at the time, even if they weren’t his biological children. He gave them the love and care that young kittens require from their father by playing with them, cuddling with them, and otherwise. The kittens were given a second chance at life because of Aragon’s keen nose and large.

Aragon made sure the kittens received all the love and care they deserved and they flourished while in the care of SCARS. When they most needed it, he made them feel loved and safe, and we have no doubt that they will always remember that.

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