Bonded dog siblings cling to one another as they struggle for survival.

They can’t be separated.
A Good Samaritan recently delivered two adorable puppies to Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL), giving the staff a special delivery. The infants were in poor health because they had spent their entire lives outside without access to food or shelter, as evidenced by their frail bodies.

The frail siblings were rapidly losing strength, but their unwavering love for one another remained unwavering.

Atlas and Lily’s underweight, flea-infested bodies told SRSL staff a lot about their lives before coming to the shelter, even though they had little knowledge of it. The veterinary team examined Atlas carefully and found that he was extremely anemic, necessitating an urgent blood transfusion at a different clinic.

They are malnourished, covered in fleas (which is how [Atlas] most likely became anemic), and their ears have been bit off by flies, according to SRSL’s Facebook post. “But we can see for miles when we look into his eyes. There is so much soul and depth. His sister is deeply concerned and suspects an issue.

Atlas and Lily clung to each other at SRSL just like they had when they were trying to survive on their own outside. The two puppies kissed and piled on top of each other in their kennel.

Afterward, the team at SLSR moved Atlas to a veterinary hospital for an urgent blood transfusion after receiving a generous amount of donations from their supporters.


Atlas not only made it through the night, but his blood transfusion was successful and he is now able to feed himself. In a Facebook post, SLSR wrote. We immediately fell in love with him and were terrified we would lose him.

The following day, Atlas visited SLSR again, where he was welcomed by staff with enormous hugs. Atlas gave his caregivers a kiss on the nose and thanked them for saving his life.

He was certainly pleased to see the staff at SLSR, but his sister Lily was the person he was most looking forward to seeing again.

Dr. Schulz, our wonderful technician Sarah, and our clinic intern Clara are all giving Atlas lots of kisses right now. Posting on Facebook was SLSR. “This is a unique puppy. His sister is also ecstatic to see him; they kissed right away! These are the times when we are reset and revitalized.

Every day, Atlas and Lily have been getting stronger, and now they are prepared to enter foster care. Although the adorable dogs are still at SLSR waiting for the ideal match, their team of caregivers is confident that their happy ending is just around the corner.

“[Atlas] is wagging and wiggling like crazy today, his energy is increasing, and he’s feeling happy,” SLSR wrote on Facebook. “They are prepared to experience what a loving and caring home is like! We are so excited for the lucky person who takes them home!”

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