A terrified little dog is prevented from drowning by dolphins in a Florida canal!

Animals are incredibly loving and kind. Do not scroll past them without showing them some support!

Dolphins are intelligent and adore helping other creatures and people!
Wish there were more people like that!

We must have heard numerous tales of dolphins saving mariners. Let’s congratulate the young dolphin on his wonderful deed.
Doberman puppy Turbo, age 11, ran away from his Marco Island, Florida, home. It’s likely that the little dog struggled to stay afloat until a pod of dolphins came upon him.

The dolphins swam over to the drowning dog and started prodding it with their noses. Fortunately, some individuals who were close to the canal’s edge noticed it. They observed the small dog flopping in the water desperately while being surrounded by dolphins.

The dolphins appeared to be aware of what they needed to do to keep the dog alive and to draw attention to themselves so that someone could assist in pulling the dog out of the deep water.

In a hurry, first responders arrived at the scene and carried the dog out of the water. Even though he was a little shaken, he was fine. Firefighters found the dog to have been [stu.ck] for nearly 15 hours, which is a very long time to keep swimming, especially if you are not a sea creature.

Thanks for the fig.What a brave little dog!
Amazing how animals appear and assist other animals in need.We could learn a lot about life and how to live it well from stress.

Lucky dog, beautiful image I also adore dolphins because they are incredibly intelligent and have been known to save people.

Animals are wonderful and amazing.

Bless their kind souls. I like it

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