The image of a short-legged dog patiently waiting for free fried chicken at a stand has garnered internet admiration for its charm.

This cute golden retriever has won the hearts of stall owners and many online with his clever trick of getting free fried chicken. In many fun photos, this clever dog can be seen sitting in front of a roast chicken stand, looking at piles of freshly made roast chicken.

It was originally posted by an unknown user before it became very popular online.

“I observed the dog sitting in front of a stall selling fried chicken, his eyes focused on the food. sat in front of Please complete your order immediately. It took a while to wait. The cute puppy may have waited patiently to watch his owner sit in front of the hut and eat free fried chicken.

But my dog ​​pouts and looks sad when the fried chicken he ordered doesn’t arrive, so maybe he waited too long. Due to the dog’s funny reaction, a photo of him sitting in front of a fried chicken stand quickly went viral on the internet.

However, multiple people have pointed out that eating fatty foods such as fried chicken or sitting in such a position is harmful for dogs because it damages the spine.

Nonetheless, the persistence of this lovable and insightful dog to get free fried chicken is commendable.

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