The dog’s eyes were protruding and a kind Samaritan noticed it and sprinted past the cars to save it.

The protagonist of this story is a defenseless puppy that several rescuers discovered abandoned on the side of the road. The dog’s eyes are popping out of their sockets as he attempts to navigate! Whoever perpetrated such crime was obviously a very horrible person.

Sadly, the veterinarian stated that he had to have both of his eyes removed since he tried to fix them but they were utterly destroyed. Given how little pain the dog was experiencing, the procedure went without a hitch. He was also regularly given antibiotics and medications to prevent infection.

Fortunately, because to the affection he got from his new foster family, he was able to adjust to life without his eyes. The nicest part was that he found a forever family that sincerely wanted to adopt him and provide for him. Ultimately, he has a fantastic life with loving people and a kitty sibling.

In addition to all of that, he trained to be a therapy dog to help kids and dogs in need. What a notable difference!

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